Will your A/C make it through summer?

As temperatures rise, many homeowners rely heavily on their air conditioning units for comfort. However, the sweltering heat of summer can be a true test for any A/C system, especially when it’s working overtime to keep interiors cool. As you enjoy your HVAC comfort, you cannot help but wonder, will the AC make it through the summer?

Generally, in the summer heat, air conditioning systems run constantly. This makes air filters clogged faster than usual. The fan on the exterior unit also accumulates dirt and debris faster, causing the air conditioning unit to struggle to meet cooling demands.

For air conditioner systems to make it through the extreme heat in summer, they need proper care, maintenance, and repair. AirWiz Duct Cleaning professionals are experienced in this and will help your system survive the scorching heat.

Why is my AC not keeping up in the summer?

If your AC struggles to cool your home in the warm summer months, the air filter might be the problem. Clogged filters block airflow, leading to energy inefficiencies and higher energy bills.

Other reasons the air conditioner might stop working or overheat during the summer heat could include dirty condenser coils. HVAC units don’t create cold air but remove heat from circulating air, causing the temperature to drop. Heat from the air is removed from the condenser coils, so they’re inefficient if they’re clogged with dirt.

When the evaporator coils are clogged with dirt, they freeze and blow warm air. You can easily tell this is the problem when you reach your hand in the air vent or register and feel no movement.

Modern HVAC units don’t operate with Freon but instead run on R-410A. Although this new refrigerant doesn’t evaporate or wear out, it can leak, leaving the AC unable to keep up with cooling demands.

Occasionally, a failing compressor or fan motor can overheat, causing the AC to stop working. But once the system cools down, it turns back on for a while before overheating again.

How cool should my home be if it’s over 100 degrees outside?

For many people, the preferred indoor temperature is 72 degrees. But some days, the heat rises over 92 degrees, causing the HVAC system to work harder to meet your temperature specifications. When the heat outside is 100 degrees, we recommend a temperature setting between 78 and 80 degrees.

The recommendation comes from an industry 20-degree rule defining the temperature difference an AC can handle. If outdoor temperatures are 80 degrees, you should set your smart thermostat to 60 and 70 degrees. However, if it’s 90 degrees hot outside, the same temperature range setting will have the AC running non-stop to cool your space.

Is it wrong to run the AC all day in a heat wave?

Although the hot summer days put a lot of strain on the air conditioning unit, it’s okay to let the system run non-stop, but only if you take some measures. If the outside temperature is too high for the system to operate consistently throughout the day, you should set the thermostat to a higher temperature than you’d normally set.

This will have the HVAC unit operate at a lower expectation of a colder temperature, which would only strain the system.

Does turning your AC on and off during summer save on energy bills?

Contrary to popular belief, frequently turning your AC on and off during summer doesn’t necessarily lead to energy savings. In fact, experts suggest that this practice might not be beneficial for your energy bills.

Starting an AC unit requires a surge of energy, especially when the system cools a warm house rapidly. This can sometimes consume more power than letting it run at a consistent, moderate setting.

Moreover, modern AC units are designed for efficiency during prolonged use. Features like programmable thermostats can help maintain a comfortable temperature without needing constant manual adjustments. By setting a steady internal temperature, you can optimize comfort while being mindful of energy consumption.

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