Expert Sanitizing Treatment for Air Ducts

We know you’re concerned about the indoor air quality of your home. At AirWiz Duct Cleaning we are too. Not only do we offer the most comprehensive NADCA-certified cleaning service (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) for your ductwork, but we also use an effective nontoxic botanical sanitizing treatment. Interested? Call (301) 200-7495 or get a free quote now. We serve Rockville, MD, and the surrounding areas. We also specialize in dryer vent cleaning, radon testing, and radon mitigation.

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About Our Air Duct Sanitizing Treatment

We proudly use EPA-approved Benefect® Disinfectant, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. Its active ingredient is Thymol, present as a component of thyme essential oil, which is distilled from the herb thyme. We chose it for the following reasons.

Bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal. Preferred for any green cleaning program.

Benefect surpasses the government’s germ-killing requirements for hospital disinfectants.

The ingredients are categorized as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and as Direct Food Additives by the FDA.

It has no known adverse effects on human health or the environment. Less toxic than vinegar. No fumes.

No wiping or rinsing is needed. It’s not necessary to wear PPE when using.

Suitable for use around children, pets, the elderly, and chemically sensitive individuals4

To learn more about our complete process, see our air duct cleaning, our process, UV light, and mold remediation pages.

Professional sanitizing treatment services in Rockville, MD

Why Our Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitizing Method Works

At AirWiz we do not spray the disinfectant. Simply put, a spray bottle does not disperse the product throughout the system. We have invested in an atomizer machine to fog the disinfectant throughout the entire ventilation system. You can be assured every inch of your system is sanitized.

Specific to the HVAC system, Benefect is highly effective in eliminating odor-causing microorganisms as well as those associated with allergies, mildew, and bacterial growth. It can be used in occupied spaces.

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Free Trial and Our Guarantee

With AirWiz Duct Cleaning, we consider our first hour of work a free trial. If after the first hour you don’t like our process, we’ll leave and you owe us nothing. If you like our work, we’ll finish our 12-step deep cleaning process. We mean it when we say, “You don’t pay for your duct cleaning service until you see the proven results with your own eyes!”

National Air Duct Cleaners Association

Since 1989 NADCA has set the standards in the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industry. We educate, train, and certify individuals in the areas of air systems cleaning, mold remediation, HVAC inspectors, and more! Make sure the company you hire to work on your HVAC system is NADCA-certified.

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Why Choose Us?

NADCA Certified

We offer NADCA-certified, methodical air duct cleaning. Satisfaction guaranteed or it’s FREE!

Professional Equipment

We equip our trucks with only industrial, professional equipment. We have the right tools for even the toughest jobs.

Upfront Pricing

While many competitors hype a low price and then increase it, we tell you the full price upfront — and it doesn't change.

Thorough Cleaning

We spend twice as much time cleaning the ducts as the competition for a more deep, thorough cleaning and better indoor air quality.

Tasks Performed AirWiz Duct Cleaning The Cheap Service
Deep Cleaning Package Included at No Extra Charge
Upfront Price Estimate That Will Not Change
All Supply Vents Included
All Return Vents Included
All Main Ducts Included
Two Techs Per Job for a More Thorough Cleaning
Certified by The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)
Satisfaction Guaranteed or the Job is Free!

Sanitizing Treatment for Air Ducts

If you want a healthy home without the use of toxic cleaners, AirWiz Duct Cleaning is the natural choice. Call (301) 200-7495 or schedule now. We serve Rockville, MD, and the surrounding areas including Columbia, Germantown, Potomac, Falls Church, Springfield, Elkridge, and Ellicott City.

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