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I have been working in the air quality industry for over 25 years. As a small business owner, I am involved in every aspect of the business and my primary belief is that a good business has to give emphasis on ensuring the quality of the work and customer satisfaction. We achieve this by hiring and keeping friendly, honest, and hardworking employees. I love helping people and making friends while serving quality work. My company has serviced more than thirty thousand customers and I am proud to say that we have made every single customer satisfied one way or the other. Every time a customer wasn't absolutely satisfied, we went back and did the work again at no charge and no questions asked and made sure they all became satisfied no matter what we had to do. I started my professional life as a schoolteacher, and I hold a bachelor's degree in art education. On rare occasions when I am not working, I spend my time with my wife and kids and my hobby is being the official weekend chef of the house. Over the 25 years in business, I have acquired many skills and certifications with a focus in Indoor Air Quality such as NADCA Air Duct Cleaning Specialist (ASCS), C-DET Dryer Vent Cleaning professional, NORMI, and NRPP Radon Measurement and Mitigacion Professional. I am only an email or phone call away when a customer needs me.


Owner - AirWiz Duct Cleaning

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