Air Wiz

Mold Remediation

Say good bye to mold spores and allergens circulating in the air!

Mold in the heating and air condition system cleaning and remediation

We find so mold in HVAC furnaces and Air Handlers that we became certified experts in HVAC Mold Remediation.

We are VSM, Certified Ventilation System Mold Remediators, and use an exclusive combination of Natural Sanitizer Product based on the ingredient as Listerine to kill the mold and spores that circulate in the air in your house.

We also use an exclusive Hot Steam Vapor Jet Process with sophisticated equipment that does all the heavy cleaning of removing the mold colonies as well as disinfecting.

At the end our Mold Cleaning and Remediation we fog the entire system with an atomizer machine to make sure all the air ducts and the air throughout the house is desterilized.

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