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AirWiz Duct CleaningAirWiz Duct Cleaning
4.9 Stars - Based on 1523 User Reviews
AirWiz Duct CleaningAirWiz Duct Cleaning
4.9 Stars - Based on 136 User Reviews
Laura MartinoLaura Martino

Easy to book my dryer vent cleaning. Showed up in time. Called ahead 15 min before arrival. Took 5 min to show them the dryer and the vent. Done in 20 min or less. He recommended a bird cage dryer cover but wasn’t pushy about it. Very respectful and took their shoes off when they came in the house. I’ll definitely call them again.

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George LeiGeorge Lei

Unlike other duct cleaning companies I tried before, AirWiz made me feel my money was well spent. I took the pictures of the ducts before and after the service and found the differences are quite obvious. The AirWiz staff are very friendly and professional. They answered many of my questions before the work. They not only vacuumed main ducts and branches, but also used a special tool to whip layers of the dust off the wall of the duct so after the cleaning the ducts are really clean. At the end of the work, the staff did a thorough inspection, took all of the garbage with them, cleaned the floor and set the furnace back on. I refused to leave until they are sure that everything is functioning. The experience with their service is very pleasant. I 100% recommend AirWiz Duct cleaning to everyone who need the service!

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Rad PetkovRad Petkov

The best of the best. Cleaned without any dust using brushing and vacuuming technology. They found mold and took care of it right a way for good price. They showed and sent me pictures of all before and after. 100% recommend + support local business

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Angela CarrollAngela Carroll

The did a great job cleaning the air vents. Much more thorough than last company. They showed me pictures and cleaned up when done. I recommend.

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Jerry G.Jerry G.

We used Air Wiz Duct Cleaning and they did great work. They showed up on time after calling to let me know they were on the way to my home. My ducts had not... Read More

H Z.H Z.

Worth every penny for their dryer vent cleanout, especially if you've never had it done before! We had bought our house over four years ago and knew that... Read More

Eletha BEletha B

We had 1 HVAC air duct and dryer vent combo cleaning done at our home after years of build up. my family could immediately tell the difference in the air quality while Angel & Team did a fantastic job and informed us along the way of what they were doing for each step in the process. We even went with a recommended (optional) sanitizer fog treatment with botanical oil ... We are VERY pleased with the reasonable costs of service charged by Airwiz and Angels professionalism. They showed up on time, respectfully wore shoe covers, face masks and cleaned up after the work was done. We will certainly be using them again for future maintenance on our home.

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Vicki K.Vicki K.

-Got a fast and professional quote for getting my dryer vent cleaned
-Very responsive with communication (via email and phone)
-Guys showed up on time... Read More

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