Air Duct Frequently Asked Questions

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The air duct cleaning process will not make a mess in the house when it is done the proper way and using the proper equipment.

In order to not make a mess in the house the air duct cleaning process uses a negative air machine that hooks up to the main trunk duct near the air handler and creates a light suction in the air duct system thus vacuuming the dusty air. The machine collects dust and dirty air from the entire system and then HEPA filters it to exhaust clean air during the cleaning.

Not every company uses the right equipment and procedure so you should be careful with cheap offers. Cheap air duct actually means a quick and incomplete, shoddy job that can make the air quality worse in your house.

A NADCA certified company usually uses their source of information and training. These companies are more likely to use the correct equipment and most of them do a thorough job. The price difference is usually an indication of the quality of work a company offers.

A proper air duct cleaning job starts with the proper equipment and proper training of the technicians. Keep in mind that not every company does the same quality of work and most of them cut corners during the job. When it comes to the duct cleaning process you should remember that you get what you pay for.

The first step of the duct cleaning process requires a company to cut a clean out port in the main trunk duct to hook up a giant negative air machine which will put the system under suction before the vents begin to get cleaned.

The second part of the process requires a truck mounted air compressor to power the pneumatic cleaning tools with high pressure compressed air. These tools whip the duct to agitate the dust while blowing it towards the center of the system where the negative air machine will be collecting it.

A few holes need to be cut in the ducts for a proper cleaning according the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). The holes are then properly closed with metal plates and can be reused.

The best way to choose an air duct cleaning company is to remember that in this industry you get what you pay for. The cheap air duct cleaning offers always mean that a company will skip in the process and provide a less than thorough job or will bait and switch the price once they get to your house.

A good air duct cleaning company provides up-front prices which can look expensive at first. However, compared with the cheap offers that are usually a scam, you are actually getting the right price for the job done properly and without bait and switch pricing gimmicks.

A proper air duct cleaning job requires a company that is NADCA Certified. The process is labor intensive and two technicians in the crew will provide a better job than only one technician on the job.

The proper equipment is heavy and bulky, and many tools are used. The air duct cleaning process requires cutting a couple of clean out access holes in the duct almost always for the job to be done right. The holes are fixed properly and can be reused. All according to the NADCA Standards.

Consumers should be aware that most duct cleaning prices you see advertised is usually a bait and switch offer or the company will do a quick job that is not thorough at all in order to quickly move on to the next job.

The companies that offer a thoroughly deep air duct cleaning will look more expensive at first than the cheap “blow-and-go” companies, but you get what you pay for in this industry.

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