Radon Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Radon? We’ve got answers.

In a simple way, Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the ground into your home and circulates in the air you breathe. It is odorless and invisible.

Radon is a gas derived from the decay of radium in the long decay chain of the uranium in the soil.

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers according to the EPA. As per the Surgeon General of the United States. It's also only second to smoking as the leading cause of Lung cancer. Even a low level of Radon in a home increases the risk of cancer exponentially.

No home is safe from Radon. The EPA recommends that all homes be tested for Radon Levels.

Unfortunately there are no safe levels of Radon and a professional test is the only way to estimate the risk. Even low levels can cause lung cancer based on long exposure.

Yes, very much so! Especially if you live in the Washington DC metro areas including MD and Northern VA. Our region is considered to have the highest levels of radon. In the EPA Map of Radon Zones we are Zone 1, in red color which is the highest level. It includes: Montgomery County MD, Frederick County MD, Carroll County MD, Baltimore MD area, Howard County MD, Fairfax County VA areas, Falls Church Va, Manassas VA, etc. Also high levels of Radon areas (Level 2) are Alexandria VA and Arlington Va, Fairfax City, Loudoun County Va etc.

The EPA and the Surgeon General recommend that all homes be tested.

A certified Radon Mitigation professional can reduce the levels of Radon in your home. Even high levels can be reduced to acceptable levels. One of the primary methods for Radon Mitigation is to pull radon from the soil under the house and exhaust it to the outside. This method is known as the soil suction radon reduction system.

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