5 Tips to Get Your HVAC Ready for Spring

Whether you intend to use your HVAC unit more in spring and summer or prefer to turn the AC off and save on energy costs, you should prepare your HVAC system for the summer heat. Preparing your system will save you money, time, and the frustration that comes with a broken cooling unit in hot weather.

Below are five tips to help you ensure your HVAC is ready for the Spring season.

1. Clean the air ducts

Many people blame smog and pollen for their allergies and respiratory problems, but for many US homeowners, poor indoor air quality is the most likely cause. Regardless of how clean your home is, contaminants will slowly but surely build up. The process is faster in winter since you spend most of your time indoors with windows and ventilation closed to trap heat.

Bacteria, dust, pet dander, fungi, and household chemicals are drawn into air ducts and recirculated throughout your home. The EPA reveals that some pollutants are 2 – 5 times more concentrated indoors than in regular outdoor spaces.

Spring is the best time to hire an air duct cleaning service to get rid of all the accumulated pollen, dust, and debris in your air ducts during winter. This cleaning prepares your air conditioning unit for summer when you need to cool your home.

2. Inspect for leaks

A leak in the cabinets, evaporator coils, or ductwork can cause system inefficiencies, resulting in poor indoor air quality and higher energy costs. To check for leaks, have the cabinets and ductwork inspected for gaps and holes, water stains, and mold growth.

If any leaks are spotted, they should be addressed immediately to avoid further energy costs and damage. It’s best to contact a professional air conditioning technician for the inspection. AirWiz Duct Cleaning knows where to look for the leaks and signs of it. We’ll also recommend the best solution for the leak (either repair or replacement) to improve system efficiency and reduce energy bills.

3. Update your thermostat

If your HVAC system is old, consider getting a newer thermostat that automatically adjusts energy usage based on your needs. New thermostat technology like a programmable thermostat are a good addition.

You can also get smart thermostats that learn your schedule, like when you’re in and out of your house. Some advanced thermostat technologies can even adjust room temperatures when you enter or leave a room.

But if you’ll not be upgrading your digital thermostat, it’s a good time to install new thermostat batteries. The last thing you want is for the batteries to die when you’re away. Generally, thermostat batteries last for a year, so replacing them every spring should be automatic.

4. Clean the area around your AC unit

After the snow has melted, take time to remove weeds, rocks, plants, and other debris that has accumulated close to your outdoor unit. These obstructions can block air vents, impairing the cooling function. Air conditioners need at least two feet of space on all sides for adequate airflow.

While you’re on this, clean the exterior of the HVAC unit. Wipe off dust and get rid of mold. A professional air conditioning expert should handle this cleaning and mold remediation. AirWiz Duct Cleaning has experience and knows the cleaning solutions that won’t damage your system and how to safely get rid of mold and mildew.

5. Replace your air filters

Changing the air filter in your HVAC unit regularly should be on your monthly or quarterly to-do list. The frequency of replacement depends on the type of filter you have. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to follow air filter replacement recommendations, putting a strain on the air conditioning system. Having dirty air filters also increases the risk of contracting respiratory infections and worsens allergies.

If you’ve neglected this aspect of HVAC maintenance, spring is an excellent time to get a clean air filter.

Hire AirWiz Duct Cleaning

Handling the HVAC cleaning and preparation independently can be tempting, thinking you’ll save some money. While in theory you might, many things could go wrong, like using the wrong solution. Moreover, you might not have the right equipment for safely cleaning and preparing your HVAC unit.

At AirWiz Duct Cleaning, our technicians are trained and experienced in preparing HVAC units for spring. We are members of the National Ducts Cleaners Association (NADCA), which guarantees we’ll use proper cleaning procedures. NADCA has also certified us to handle mold remediation and inspect HVAC systems.

Contact us today for an inspection and help prepare your air conditioning system for the warm weather.