How can I tell if my air duct cleaning was successful?

You saw signs your air ducts needed cleaning and called in a professional air duct cleaning service. That’s good, but the problem is they’ve finished cleaning, and you’re wondering, how can I tell if my air duct cleaning was successful?

You can tell the air duct cleaning was done correctly if the cleaning expert made a hole in the ductwork close to the furnace and sealed it after cleaning. If no hole was made, there’s a high chance the cleaning wasn’t successful. And if the hole isn’t sealed properly, your air conditioning unit will be inefficient.

There’s more to inspecting an air duct cleaning project than checking for a sealed hole. Here’s an overview of the process duct cleaning companies follow to ensure the ducts are clean.

What’s involved in the air duct cleaning process?

After inspecting the HVAC system, the air duct cleaning professional will attach a vacuum collection device to the ducts. They do this by cutting a hole in the duct system and sealing it tightly. They then close all return registers to increase negative pressure and then turn the vacuum unit on for cleaning.

The technician will repeat this process for every vent in your home. The vacuuming tools they use to clean the ducts include compressed agitation air whipping tools to dislodge deposits of dust particles, making it easier to suck it out.

After cleaning the vents and ducts, the air duct technician will inspect the entire system, including the remaining parts of the HVAC system, for visual signs of mold contamination and make recommendations. This includes the air blower, furnace, drain pan, and evaporator. Besides these, the technicians should clean up after themselves, ensuring the rooms aren’t dustier than when they arrived.

Note: Aside from cleaning your ductwork, the air filters may need to be replaced. These trap dust particles before entering the air conditioning system and circulating in your house.

How to inspect the job of an air duct cleaner

To ensure your duct cleaner does a good job, you should be proactive and hands-on with the cleaning process. Before the cleaning appointment, have all the necessary information about the service so you know what to expect.

Once the professional technician arrives, note whether they are prepared with protective gear (if required), specialized tools, and equipment. While air duct cleaning experience and training are great, a successful job relies on the right tools.

Ask questions. A good duct cleaner will explain their methods and the expected results. You should also look at how thorough they are in the cleaning.

After cleaning, compare the before and after pictures of your dirty ducts. You can take a video or photo of the duct surface before and after the cleaning.

Does air duct cleaning improve airflow?

Air duct cleaning can improve airflow in your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, therefore improving indoor air quality. It is important to note that the extent of improvement will depend on various factors. Here are some considerations:

  • Removal of obstructions: Over time, dust, dirt, debris, pet dander, and other particles can accumulate in the air ducts. If these contaminants build up significantly, they can obstruct and restrict the airflow. Cleaning the ducts removes these obstructions, allowing air to flow freely through the system.
  • Reduced airflow resistance: When ducts are dirty, the surfaces become rough and may have layers of dust that add resistance to the airflow. Cleaning the ducts smoothens the surfaces, reducing airflow resistance and allowing air to move more efficiently. Eventually, this can lead to reduced energy bills

Note: The extent of improvement in airflow will depend on the initial condition of the ducts and the quality of the cleaning service. If your ducts were relatively clean, the impact on airflow might not be as significant as those heavily clogged with debris.

If the ductwork has structural issues, such as leaks, poorly designed layouts, or improper installation, cleaning alone may not fully resolve airflow problems. In such cases, it may be necessary to address the underlying issues and then perform the cleaning.

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