How long does air duct cleaning take?

Cleaning your HVAC system has many benefits, including increasing system efficiency, reducing energy bills, and preventing respiratory disease. As you make cleaning plans, you can’t help but wonder, how long does air duct cleaning take?

The time taken to clean dirty air ducts ranges from 2 to 4 hours for a single-family home with two on-site technicians. However, the exact time depends on the size of a home, its age, the number of air conditioning units, the level of contamination, and the specific cleaning methods employed.

AirWiz Duct Cleaning offers quality services and respects your time. At the start of the project, we do a thorough inspection that allows us to estimate how long it’ll take.

Can I stay in the house during an air duct cleaning?

Yes, you can remain at home during professional duct cleaning service. However, you should be prepared for noise from the cleaning equipment, and you may need to avoid areas where cleaning is actively happening.

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Air duct cleaning involves cleaning the entire air duct system. For a thorough cleaning job, professional air duct cleaners use a high-powered vacuum, but it’s noisy.

At Airwiz Duct Cleaning, we encourage customers to remain home during residential air duct cleaning services. The process is generally safe and won’t require you to vacate your home. It can also provide an opportunity to ask questions, understand the process, and get immediate feedback on the condition of your ductwork.

How do I prepare my ducts to be cleaned?

Preparing your home for duct cleaning is crucial to ensure an efficient and effective process. This preparation facilitates the cleaning team’s work and helps protect your belongings. Here’s a practical checklist to help you prepare your ducts to be cleaned:

  • Declutter around vents and registers: Start by removing any clutter, including furniture, that may be blocking the air vents and registers. This allows our professional duct cleaning team complete access to connect our specialized tools and cleaning equipment.
  • Clear space around your HVAC system: Ensure there’s adequate space around your furnace or air conditioner. Cleaning these components is often part of the duct cleaning process.
  • Secure your pets: Consider where your pets will stay during the cleaning. The noise and unfamiliar faces can stress them out. You can keep them in your backyard or take them to a pet daycare.
  • Decide whether you’ll stick around: Will you stay home during the process or prefer to be away? If you have kids or an elderly loved one, it’s advisable to leave the house during the cleaning. When you leave, let technicians know how to lock up when they leave.
  • Conduct a walk-through: Finally, do a walk-through with the duct cleaning specialists. Highlight any specific areas of concern.

How to keep air ducts clean?

Maintain a clean and dust-free home by regularly removing dust and vacuuming. Opt for a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filters or utilize high-efficiency filter bags compatible with your vacuum.

HEPA filters, or high-efficiency filter bags compatible with your vacuum, trap smaller particulate matter that other vacuum cleaners might recirculate into your home’s air.

When dusting surfaces, it is helpful to use a damp cloth that traps dust instead of dispersing it into the air. You should also have sufficient ventilation in dust-prone spaces like the kitchen. Placing mats at each door helps reduce the amount of dirt and dust brought into the house, while regularly changing air filters ensures your system works efficiently.

By incorporating these simple steps into your routine, you can maintain clean air ducts, reduce the need for frequent professional cleanings, and enjoy a healthier indoor environment.

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Having clean air in your home is essential, and knowing how long it takes to clean dirty air ducts helps you budget your energy and time properly.

AirWiz Duct Cleaning understands! We do our best to work around your schedule. Our expert air duct cleaners come in with efficient professional-grade equipment that allows us to finish the job fast. Contact us for a free quote today and take your first step to improving indoor air quality in your home. Call (301) 871-2250.