Common dryer vent issues

Many people use their dryers at least once every week as part of their laundry cleaning routine. Now imagine how frustrating it’d be when, after a cycle, your clothes are still damp. You’d think your dryer is the issue, but most times, it’s not; it’s the dryer vent.

Neglecting your dryer’s vent not only causes dryer inefficiencies but it’s also a safety risk. Proper vent care ensures efficiency and peace of mind. AirWiz Duct Cleaning professionals do a good job of inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing vent problems to ensure high efficiency and negate health and safety risks.

Common dryer vent problems

Dryer vents are useful in ensuring the dryer works properly. However, over time, it can develop issues including:

Clogged vent

Clogged vents are by far the most common problem in vents. Lint accumulation increases the number of cycles your dryer needs to dry your clothes and can also result in overheating and possibly a fire. Other elements like animal nests and debris can also block the dryer vent duct, so it’s crucial to have a professional inspect and clean your dryer vents regularly to prevent this problem.

Compressed vent transition tubing

If you’ve set up your dryer against a wall, the transition tubing might get flattened. This happens because many dryers have a short distance between the wall and the back unit. You might have to replace the transition tubes with superior semi-rigid metal ducts or move the dryer away from the wall altogether.

Too long vents

Short vents maximize efficiency and energy spent. If you install your dryer too far from the exhaust, consider bringing it closer to avoid heat retention, fire hazard, and lint build-up.

Poorly installed dryer

Poor vent installation leads to several problems for the dryer and your home. It potentially risks your safety and might cause electrical short circuits, leading to inefficiencies or a fire. If you believe your dryer wasn’t installed correctly, contact AirWiz Duct Cleaning.

Too many vent turns

It’s recommended that a vent should be installed in a straight line. Dryer vents are prone to lint and nesting material accumulation, which reduces their efficiency. Because of this, you should avoid multiple turns in the dryer, as this will reduce the chances of any complications.

Mold and mildew

When your vent is clogged and performing poorly, moisture and heat in the vent, laundry area, and dryer increase, creating a conducive environment for mold and mildew growth. These are smelly and can result in health issues, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems.

Dryer vent cleaning prevents mold growth in the dryer vent pipe and on your clothes.

What clogs a dryer vent?

Below are some of the top debris that causes clogs in dirty dryer vents:


A clogged vent is commonly caused by lint build-up and items from clothing pockets like coins and gum wrappers.

Generally, dry lint accumulating in and around the exhaust vent is easy to clean up, but wet lint from overloading the dryer with a lot of fabric is harder to deal with. Wet lint cakes up and blocks the vent. This can be prevented by avoiding machine overload and leaving enough room for garments to tumble around.

Structural clog

This is when dryer sheets made from abrasive material find their way into the vents. Over time, the material builds up and forms a clog. This type of clog can be removed through vacuuming. But if it recurs, you need to replace the vent.

Foreign objects

These include objects like socks, toys, and anything else that might end up in the dryer vent. The objects are harder to remove, and they require professional skills to remove such objects.

Animal nests

A clogged dryer vent can also be caused by animals nesting in the vent. Rodents, birds, and other small animals like to build their homes in warm and safe spaces, and the dryer vent is a perfect spot. Needless to say, this creates a serious block, and the dry nesting material is a fire hazard if it reaches the heating element.

Can I use a dryer without a vent?

No, you cannot. Operating a dryer without a hose results in lint and moisture accumulating in the dryer; making it a fire hazard.

How to prevent clogging the dryer vent

Below are some tips to help you prevent a clogged dryer vent:

  • Clean the lint screen after every load – One of the simplest yet most effective measures is cleaning the lint screen after every load. This ensures smooth and safe dryer operation. Simply remove the lint screen, shake off the accumulated lint over a trash can, and place it back.
  • Schedule regular dryer maintenance – Regular service for your machine is crucial. This ensures your clothes dry completely and prevents lint build-up in the exhaust ducts. Annual inspections by professionals can give you peace of mind about the safety and efficiency of your dryer.
  • Check the vent outlet regularly – Never underestimate the importance of regular and proper maintenance. By sparing a few minutes every month to inspect your dryer vent outlet, you can ensure your dryer operates safely and efficiently, saving time and money.
  • Ensure the vent isn’t blocked – Blocked dryer vents can lead to excessive heat build-up, which can cause fires. Have the inside and outside of the vents regularly inspected, ensuring no debris or objects block the airflow.
  • Install a dryer vent alarm – A dryer vent alarm can alert you when airflow gets blocked in the exhaust pipe, offering an additional layer of safety. Many modern alarms also offer remote monitoring through smartphones.
  • Consider installing a dryer air filter – A dryer air filter can trap lint that might otherwise escape, preventing potential clogs. It’s a worthy investment for the long-term health of your machine.
  • Use the correct vent pipe – Choosing a durable and properly vented pipe is essential for preventing clogs and ensuring efficient operation.

Schedule a dryer vent inspection and cleaning with AirWiz Duct Cleaning

When you notice your dryer is turning off without warning or overheating, it could be an issue with the dryer vent. It’s important to call a professional dryer vent cleaning service to ensure safety and prefer dryer fires.

AirWiz Duct Cleaning professionals are trained and experienced in inspecting, diagnosing, repairing, and cleaning dryer vents. They mitigate the risks of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. We also conduct mold remediation which helps prevent mold and mildew growth. For quality service, contact us today!