12 step duct cleaning process

1. We arrive on time, in a clearly marked truck and in uniform.

We are friendly, uniformed and polite. You will feel comfortable with us!

2. We are professional and courteous technicians.

We are friendly professionals with many years of experience. We are also certified as air duct cleaning experts by NADCA.

Just like you, when we are not working, we are taking care of ours homes and raising our families.

3. You get respect for your house.

Your house is treated like our own, we don’t wear shoes inside your house. We go the extra mile to guarantee no marks on your wall or dirt left behind.

4. We check your entire system to make sure you don’t have any mold or other air quality issues.

We get a detailed job and customized result-oriented service.

5. We use more powerful equipment for more cleaning power.

Our choice of equipment has double the power compared to most competitors. We make sure dust and debris are properly collected to avoid any spread of dust. Your house is kept clean and your healthy is protected.

6. We seal the vents, no mess left behind!

Dust will not leak during the cleaning because we properly seal the vents before cleaning starts.

7. We clean the entire system not just the vents.

Most competitors just the clean the vents where you can see them. We don’t! We clean deep into every duct, including the main trunk lines and hidden ducts.

8. Your ducts get Scrubbed deep down.

Some competitors just blow air in the vents and call it a done job.

We don’t!

Our tools scrub deep down inside the ducts for a true thorough job!

9. All the dirt and dust is vacuumed to out our equipment and out of the house. No mess!

The job also includes the removal of the furnace panes and air washing of the blower fan, electric motor and the HVAC unit cabinet.

10. We don’t cut corners, we build clean out doors for a proper cleaning.

New access doors are installed to allow for deep cleaning. These metal doors are secured and sealed in compliance with NADCA Standard 2013.

11. How can you know when a company does the job right

You will see the before and after proof of results! Your technician will show you a sample of the inside of the ducts for you to see with your own eyes during the duct cleaning process.

12. The Guarantee: You will be delighted with our service or it will be free!

We make sure you will be satisfied or all your money back. Nothing to risk.

The 12 Steps To a Proper Air Duct Cleaning in Maryland DC and Virginia

Air Duct Cleaning Service in Maryland DC and Virginia

With Air Wiz Duct Cleaning you don’t pay for your air duct cleaning service until you see the proven results with your own eyes!

At Air Wiz Duct Cleaning, we try harder than all competitors in the MD DC VA area, we take more time on the job to clean deep inside the duct system -even where the others will not care to clean.

Keep in mind that anyone can promise to clean your ducts. But many companies are out the cheat with phony specials for a less than thorough, shoddy job that makes the air quality in house worse than before the cleaning.

Many companies do a poor job because they know you cannot see inside the ducts to check the results. And what is worse, an improper job can make the ducts worse than before and spread loose dust everywhere!

Why Us ? Since it is hard to find a good duct cleaner, why should you trust AirWiz Duct Cleaning?

You can trust us because we guarantee to do the most thorough duct cleaning service you will ever have or the job is free! And you have nothing to risk, the quality of the work is guaranteed: you only pay for the job after you are absolutely satisfied!

Quality air duct cleaning at great prices!

Our professionally trained technicians have helped Air Wiz Air Duct Cleaning become an expert in the ducts cleaned and dryer vent cleaning field. We are proud of the fact that our company has been selected to work in some of the nation’s landmark institutions. After successfully performing HVAC air ducts cleaning on more than 100,000 systems, AirWiz Duct Cleaning is:

AirWiz Duct Cleaning Our technicians have received recognition for their high quality work, including:

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