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Today residential air duct cleaning Rockville MD (and dryer vent cleaning) both help create more comfortable living and work spaces. Without regular cleaning, narrow vents inevitably accumulate dust and other debris.


These locations sometimes collect significant quantities of unwanted particles, in fact: cleaners often remove dust bunnies, pet dander, and pollen from residential HVAC ducts. Dryer fires pose a particular concern, since these sites often include potentially flammable lint.

Residential air duct cleaning rockville

In Montgomery County MD, AirWiz Air Duct Cleaning Professionals offer valuable assistance cleaning all types of air ducts, including Dryer vent cleaning services.

This NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) firm has served customers since 1998. The company today belongs to the Indoor Air Quality Association.


 AirWiz Air Duct Cleaning promotes the use of state of the art cleaning technologies and methods to remove unwanted dust and other debris from residential ducts and dryers in Montgomery County.
Our expertise in this field allows us to provide excellent customer service. We offer clear, up front pricing.
Our highly trained staff members strive to render expert, quality assistance during every service call. (Small wonder, perhaps, that we’ve received more than 300 five-star reviews posted on Google and Yelp.)

Dryer vent cleaning rockville

Why should customers ask AirWiz Duct Cleaning in Rockville, Maryland to perform comprehensive air duct cleaning (including dryer vent cleaning services)? First, this type of service contributes to improved indoor air quality.

The removal of allergens from HVAC duct and vent surfaces prevents these materials from degrading the quality of the air circulating through the premises, for example. Dryer vent cleaning services hold significant safety benefits because this process removes lint, a common fuel for household dryer fires.

Lint consists of tiny threads of fabric. During drying, fabrics sometimes lose these small strands of thread. This material readily blows into filters, and some enters the dryer exhaust. Unfortunately, a certain percentage over the course of time will coat the surfaces of clean air ducts.

Unless subsequently removed by experienced cleaners (such as AirWiz Duct Cleaning), lint may even eventually contribute to dryer vent fires. It supplies a source of potentially flammable material.


If a dryer catches fire, a lint-clogged dryer vent may allow a blaze in a household appliance to spread into the vent and, potentially, start a house fire. For this reason, the U.S. Fire Administration urges the public to obtain professional dryer vent cleaning.

Obtain Expert Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Now

For a variety of excellent reasons, property owners benefit by obtaining regular duct cleaning services in Rockville. Trust the capable team at AirWiz Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning to furnish expert duct and vent cleaning assistance.

We routinely help customers by removing dust, allergens, lint, and other debris from HVAC ducts and dryer vents. This valuable service ultimately helps promote a better quality of daily life for households in Rockville!

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