How to Know It’s Time for Residential Duct Cleaning Pt. 1

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Residential Duct Cleaning

Ducts circulate the air in your home, including everything that’s in them; dust, dander, and other undesirable substances all go through your ventilation system. While no one likes the idea of living in a home with poor air quality, you may not know when you’re inhaling it. Here are a few signs that mean you should call one of our professional duct experts to come take a look.


This is a health issue for just about everyone since breathing in mold can make you sick and exacerbate other existing conditions like asthma and other respiratory problems. Your home’s duct system is dark and moist, making it a hospitable environment for mold. If airflow is restricted enough, mold can flourish.

Visible Mold

If you can see mold growing on your registers or air ducts, call for residential duct cleaning — the same goes for any other place in the house you find mold. No matter where it starts, your HVAC system will eventually carry it to every room in your home.

Mildew Smell

Even if growing mold isn’t visible, you might be able to smell it — mildew, ammonia, or even a sour stench. If the odor worsens when your heat or air conditioning is running, call an HVAC specialist to conduct an official inspection.

Visible Dust

If you can see dust or dirt billowing out of your vents while the system’s on, you most likely have quite a mess in there. If you dust regularly, yet still find dust on your tabletops and counters within days, this could mean there is dust sitting in your ducts. Not only does this compromise your respiratory health, it means more vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing just to keep your home clean.

Clogged Air Filter

If you keep up with proper HVAC maintenance (meaning you change your filter at least once every six months) but still find dirt and dust clogging up your air filter, you probably need your ducts cleaned. If you don’t swap out your air filter as often as you should, you could be aggravating the problem.

Dusty HVAC Unit

Inspect the inside of your furnace or air conditioning unit. If there’s dust built up in the furnace compartment or air conditioner coils, you have too much dust in your ducts, which impacts your system’s efficiency and shortens the life of your unit(s).

Are you experiencing any of the above conditions? Contact AirWiz Duct Cleaning today! In the next part of this blog, we’ll explore even more signs it’s time to schedule residential duct air cleaning.

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