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Dryer Vent Problem List Will Help You Understand Dryer Vent Problems

Do you have a dryer vent problem? The list will help will understand your dryer vent problems.

Longer drying times are an indication that airflow in your dryer vent is constricted. Inadequate airflow can be the result of a clog or obstruction in your dryer vent system. Excess dryer lint is a major fire hazard, it can cause your dryer to become damaged and reduces the efficiency of your dryer.

Lint behind dryer

It’s usually the vent not your dryer. An accumulation of excess lint behind your dryer can be the result of a clogged dryer vent. Since a clogged vent restricts airflow so that the air cannot move the lint to the outside of your home, it forces the lint into the area behind your dryer.

Dryer repeatedly stops, turns off during a cycle.

If your dryer stops repeatedly during a normal drying cycle, it is typically due to the dryer overheating. A dryer vent clogged with lint or other obstructions will force the dryer to work harder, causing the unit to overheat. The overheat shutoff is the dryer’s last attempt to prevent a fire.

There is excess lint left on your clothing.

Excess lint on clothing after a dry cycle is a sign of accumulation of lint in your dryer vent. A dryer vent clogged with lint is a fire hazard and an energy hog.

Clothes are very hot after a dry cycle.

The cause for this problem could be poor ventilation caused by a dryer vent clogged with lint, a bad vent connection, or a dryer vent joint that is not secure. These problems are not only a fire hazard, but also the overheating can damage the clothing as well as the dryer.

Clothes have a moldy smell after dry cycle.

When a dryer vent is clogged, the humidity removed from your wet clothes cannot exhaust through the vent so it back is out in the and collects in the duct creating the perfect growing conditions for mold and mildew. If you notice a moldy smell in your laundry room, have your dryer vent inspected immediately.

Water stains in the wall near the dryer appliance.

If the dryer duct runs behind the wall where you see water marks, it could be a clogged duct and condensation is leaking through the duct connections.

Complete list of dryer vent problems symptoms of a full of lint dryer vent is:

Dryer is getting warm or hot to the touch, the problem is NOT your clothes dryer.
Clothes taking longer to dry
Clothes still damp after a cycle
Appliance stops working during cycle
Laundry room gets hot or humid
You see lint around or behind the dryer,
lint screen gets full quickly

But your dryer is at a greater risk if:

Clothes are hot but still damp after one cycle.
If your dryer takes more than one cycle to dry
Dryer is hot to the touch
Laundry room is humid or warm when dryer is in use
Musty smell coming from dryer

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How do I know when it is time to clean my dryer? And how often do I need my dryer vent cleaned?

You can ask that question to Robert DeNiro!

Robert De Niro’s Central Park West apartment went up in flames when lint in a clothes dryer caught fire a few years ago.
“Right above my head these 12-foot-tall flames exploded out of the 5th floor window,” said Nathan Bear, 23, who was outside moving his car.
The fire started around 2 p.m. in a pricey high rise near West 68th Street and took firefighters an hour to get under control, officials said.
“The dryer in 5W caused the fire that spread through the entire 5th floor,” said Battalion Chief Mike Meyers.
Meyers, a firefighter at the scene said, “Some of the lint [in the dryer] caught fire.”
The 5th floor had extensive damaged from the fire, smoke and water, fire department officials said. The 4th and 6th floor apartments were also damaged in the all hands fire, Meyers said.

Did you know that dryers cause more fires than chimneys?

There is no way to know when a fire can sneak up on you, that’s why the manufacturers and fire departments recommend early cleaning and inspection as the only prevention.

“I clean out the lint screen every time I dry clothes. Why isn’t that enough?” It’s not enough, most of lint gets past the lint screen and accumulates in the air ducts.

Dryer vents require regular service for safety assurance. But your dryer is at a greater risk if:

• Clothes are hot but still damp after one cycle.
• your dryer takes more than one cycle to dry¬
• Dryer is hot to the touch
• Lint accumulates around/behind dryer. ¬¬
• Laundry room is humid or warm when dryer is in use
• Musty smell coming from dryer

In average there are about 12,700 clothes dryer fires a year resulting damages, 330 injuries, and 20 lives lost.

Dryer Vent FireSigns your dryer vent cleaning is overdue:

• Clothing does not dry completely after a normal drying cycle
• A musty odor noticed
• Clothing seems unusually hot to the touch after a drying cycle
• More than a year has passed since the last dryer vent cleaning service
• Debris is noticed within the outside dryer vent opening
• Drying time for clothing takes longer than 35 to 40 minutes in duration
• Excessive heat is noticed within the room in which the dryer is being operated
• Large amounts of lint accumulate in the lint trap for the dryer during operation
• A visible amount of lint and debris is noticed behind the appliance
• Excessive odor is noticed from dryer sheets that are used during the drying cycle

Regular dryer vent cleaning will also help your dryer to run more efficiently drying faster and economically.

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